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This article today has been brought about by my long experience of being a sensitive and psychic intuitive since I was a child and currently this week with the support of Venus retrograde a lot has become apparent to me therefore inspiring me to speak with you to enable you to understand your programming so you can move towards greater happiness and self mastery in your life which also affects the evolution of our collective.

As an empath, (emotionally sensitive human being) or light worker (if you are not familiar with any these terms please research them on the google machine). One comes into life encoded with high expectations of oneself not only to firstly transcend one’s pain or issues developed from past lives on this planet and other galaxies but the “karma” is to transform your pain into learning and then re-teaching this  transformation to others simultaneously to the collective in order for the earth experiment to be enhanced and evolve into a more hospitable place for this beautiful experiment to continue.

You have chosen many challenges and we salute you. Many of you have had past lives where you would have played in the polarity matrix system of this current one universe which led to pain, bloodshed, traumas etc. Doesn’t matter if it was on this planet or others. You still resided in this this same one universe which looks like a torus shape which holds its own frequencies and which one of its galactic centres is earth. Therefore, this is a very important place where you are able to get through difficult programming because the current physicality of the planet (rules of this planet) dictate that you are delicate creatures with bio genetics that is more temporary, (compared to some other planets in this solar system). To summarise, in this one universe you would have to have played both dark and light roles, as without darkness it wouldn’t have led to your evolution. Therefore, earth is a place where many of these polarities are still being played out through experience in order for your brothers and sisters to spiral upwards with you in this stage of your soul’s evolution. You may move to other planets once you have completed earth school, for more experiences. However, earth is one of the most sort after schools due to the depth and complexity of emotions that are to be experienced here. It is also serves a wider role as a galactic peace hub where many souls from various planetary systems can incarnate. Therefore, it is very important to us that this experiment can continue as it serves the greater evolution of this current one universe. Which is made up of billions of galaxies in itself. This is a place for us to experience being fragile, limited to certain extents by the physical laws of this natural and beautiful place.

Therefore, you have come here with much history to transmute and wounds to heal. Mother nature and Gaia are very apt at healing soul wounding as they stand with us in a humble and quiet support, the great trees that bring up light from her centre for us all to enjoy. Earth is a wonderful holiday school camp, a beautiful place to take time out from heavier responsibilities and to really start to be in touch with one’s soul.

There are many types of light-workers, you may be a combination of some of these: the genetics % varies very much from person to person and is unique depending on what you agreed to before you came into life. There are many many other lines of genetics on this planet with their various agendas. However, I am only speaking about light worker genetics in this article. Most light workers display a variation of all of these traits.

1 – Ancestral lineage healers – Ones who have offered themselves in service for the evolution of this planet. You take heavy karmic patterns to be healed from other lines (your earth family) who have been trying to process them over the ages. You are the healer of the family, the only one who seems to try to voice what is wrong and tries to stir them to change, this can be frustrating and difficult at times. A variation of this is that you may become the identified patient of the family to force them into coping with you, to learn lessons by the difficulties which you make them face with your being part of their family.

2- Light gates – Ones who have been brought here as light portals or channels. You have an extreme sensitivity to anything physical around you: food, chemicals, pollution, noise etc. Most of these types prefer to stay away from harsh surroundings and work from home or with animals. You were brought here to hold finer frequencies and to anchor them into earth. Therefore, a better solution would be for you to do lots of grounding and strengthening of one’s energy field (by various healing and energy enhancement modalities) so that you can not only experience more in the world but also get out more in the world to hold your frequencies in places where they need to be. Your main task is to learn about energy and how to manage it in a masterful way and transcend these sensitivities so they become a useful tool rather than a limitation. You may find yourself more affected than others by basic things for example: being in crowded places etc.)

3- Benefactor Souls – These souls are very old souls who bring with them as well encodings and knowledge from previous incarnations and it is very important for them to start to activate themselves to be in touch with their inner healer/ warrior aspect. Otherwise they will keep having difficulties in relationships, abundance and other issues because they are not doing what they originally meant to. I’m sorry but for those of you in this category if you think coming here was meant to be a picnic, your encoding will show you otherwise! The more you resist your own healing the more tired you get of repeating old situations and wounding with others around you as they will serve as a mirror to show you that you are a healer therefore you attract those who need healing into your life. You need to either “get with the program!” and start to heal yourself and then practice at least some form of healing modality which serves to help you to go through your issues first and teach and heal others as well at a later stage if you so choose. When you go on your path you will see that the universe supports you and grants you more and more benefits and your life will improve in the way you want it to as you heal. These souls carry lots of guilt, wounding and trauma from past incarnations to be healed here which then is expressed by the types of the relationships they have.

4- Eco warriors – Literally these types of souls will give everything they have towards helping mother earth. Many from a young age knew why they were here. They had to cope perhaps being a bit isolated and misunderstood in their causes but stand strong and help the earth in processing the negative impacts of the humans who are still not in good synchronicity with working together with mother earth. We just sort of think this is a short stopover which it is for some, however we are not very kind to our host (mother earth) its like someone giving you a lovely hotel room and we mess it up with so much pollution and rubbish not caring and leaving it there just to move on to the next place). They struggle with finances and fitting into the system but once they have found their calling they are all go. They struggle with understanding why others don’t feel the same way about what they do and having uphill battles with institutions that seem more powerful than themselves. These souls can benefit from understanding how to work alongside with the current institutions and finding clever solutions to environmental issues rather than being against them or just complaining and maybe even going into an isolated powerless state.

5- Parents of light workers – these also opted in to giving birth to crystal, indigo children with the above sensitivities and also need recognition for their contribution to supporting them in their sensitivities and paths in life. They are also part of the older generation of volunteer parent souls who in some way were connected to light evolution plans for this planet. These parents though it may be hard work to have a light worker child they learn a lot from them and benefit from their experience together. They are able to help support the child in whatever they need financially or emotionally in their cause and though this may seem to look like co-dependence at times they are co – creating for the greater good together.

Common emotional issues of light workers.  

Subconsciously they carry a sense of guilt and something owed to others and society around them. They feel compelled to help others sometimes to the extent of involuntary subordination. You may feel trapped in the karma and drama of things happening around you and feeling frustrated and powerless. You feel that you need to sacrifice yourself in order to attain love and recognition. You think to yourself “when will I ever get out of this place”. “Why can’t I enjoy this experience like other normal people.” “What am I doing to deserve this” etc. etc.

These are old light worker programs combined with some of your own soul programming carried from past lives, the new programming which we are beaming down through the newly completed light grids around the planet will help you to step into your self mastery and not having to play into this old programming which makes you feel weak or unable to express what you need to here. In other words, things will move on and go much faster from now on in order for you and the greater collective to complete their missions here on earth. And also to help transmute your individual and collective shadows.

A few things you need to understand about this paradigm –

1- Polarity is just part of the experience. When you were one with source everything was light and balanced. I know you are striving for this same feeling of perfection, but its just not possible here yet. We need to be able to use and learn from seemingly “bad experiences” and understand on a deeper level what they are teaching our soul. If you need assistance with this, you may contact a healer or channel to help you to move through these polarities which are you are attracting which are based on subconscious emotional issues you might have had from this life or previous incarnations. By working through these polarities you are elevating not only yourself by the frequency of the earth which you are part of.

2-You do actually have free will! to alter your frequencies to experience whatever you wish to here.

There was a lot of previous religious programming that still runs in light-worker genetics from being part of such spiritual cultures in past incarnations. We were taught then that self sacrifice was the right thing to do and that we need to give in order to receive etc. Guilt programming was a big part of this. They wanted to keep you enslaved by thinking you were bad, dirty or unclean and that you had spend your whole life making up for this. Part of energetic en-slavery programming from other forces who used to be more prevalent here. These allowed for a mental and emotional de-powerlisation of your species on a large scale to the extent that people could not feel themselves and had no trust in their own connection and power. They were easily brainwashed like sheep into various things that lowered their vibration further to diminish their connection with their true source that runs within (alcohol, bad foods etc., just to name a few) they have been engineered to put you into their power.

Although you have free will but laws of cause and effect still hold strong as those are natural laws of mother earth who is our host. So trust yourself and that you will do what is best for yourself and others. But if you don’t feel like it, actually that’s ok too and you can learn lessons from the effects which will allow you to evolve naturally on your own in any case.

3- You have the ability to manipulate energy and speak to connect to source creator on your own. Telepathy and your original light programming is being brought back online in a big way to enable you to be empowered to choose your own path that is beneficial for yourself and to co- create and take care of this beautiful garden that is mother earth. We offer many courses to help you re- connect with this. It is a cultivation and a lifestyle choice/ life work. But you will feel more whole and connected and happy in yourself and your being once you have transcended your issues and challenges.

Managing growing sensitivities for light workers in this (still current) duality matrix.

This is something which I experience first hand on a daily basis. Even as a practitioner I am working hard on transcending my earth issues which is an ongoing process for me which I treat as part of my earth experience. However as one rises and grows more into spirituality one can get more and more sensitive as one is able to channel more healing energy or speak to the angels. This is because your vibration is rising at an exponential rate when you choose to embark on say a reiki attunments or start clearing energy bodies for channelling work. Which is exhilarating and fun! however it will also bring up your issues and shadow more and more for you to work on.

Therefore, some effects of raising your light bodies may be:

1- Changes in your relationships

You notice more about others around you, certain friends who you have unhealthy relationships with will get more apparent. I call these certain people “pillow people” because they don’t really want to change (or perhaps not ready yet) but they are just borrowing your energy to feel better rather than taking brave steps to change.

As energy moves up in a spiral so as your vibration changes it benefits those around you as well, however if you change very rapidly (like I do all the time!) it might be hard for you to hold on to some friends who are becoming further and further away on the energetic scale due to the suddenness of your own frequency changes (this is purely physics). Also you might still be running saviour programs which doesn’t allow them to take the pain on their own and to learn their lessons because you feel its your responsibility to alleviate them from pain.  But this doesn’t allow them to grow and in effect you are not helping them at all if they don’t grow. I had a few such friends whom I was helping very long term to stay in an unhealthy relationship (around 7-8 years) and suddenly I realised I was actually doing a disservice to them by allowing her to stay in such a situation with my sympathy and help. I was also getting bad headaches or feeling poorly and drained around them therefore I realised it was not healthy for me as well. Once I cut myself out of the equation their relationship broke down as well, which is for the best of all concerned too.

It is difficult having to “let go” of people especially those who have manipulation energy in their genetics, they know exactly how to make you feel guilty because light worker’s self worth is based a lot on how they feel they can help others. However recently I have been abler to see through these veils and many of these people themselves could also be considered light workers but more the stagnating types which have not chosen yet to shift properly into their mastery therefore still experiencing many polarities within their own lives. Genetics and energy influences are another factor and complex to explain and I wouldn’t go into it right now however most of these challenging situations are actually for you to heal your own issues with your own sense of self worth and guilt issues. They are however part of karmic soul mates meant to teach us lessons to elevate us and we should process the lessons with grace and gratitude.

Some light workers are so strong they will be able to allow people to constantly drain them

(I’m a good example and I know a few others) and still be ok. However, when you start working more and more in alignment with the universe to a greater degree it will cease to become a possibility anymore. This is because you are meant to use your energies fully to help those who have opened up & chosen with their free will to shift and there will be less and less energy for the “pillow people” because it doesn’t serve the highest good of evolution at large in any case. The definition of “pillow people” are those who you feel drained around as they need so much prana/ life force because they are unable to generated themselves they need it from others and often use covert ways to attain it as well by being super nice to you to give an illusion of an exchange. But you can feel this illusion is not real as you will feel your energy bodies pinched or drained after being around them. A good way would be to explain the situation to them clearly, however if they are not at a point where they can accept their issues or want to exchange with you in a balanced way for a session with the right amount of payment! then withdraw your energy from them so they can deal with it themselves until they actually choose to change. Which is something that only they can do on their own. You cannot feel like you will be able to coax anyone into improvement if their soul is not ready to do so in any case. But you don’t need to be around these people if they do not offer you a good flow especially in your free time. I work Mondays to Fridays so therefore at weekends the fairies and other angels and guides are concerned that I get rest and have a nice time as I am also meant to enjoy this paradigm.

Of course you will on some levels inspire changes to everyone around however its by your own discretion to balance levels of it which you feel are healthy or not or not to buy in to people who are taking deliberate (subconscious) advantage of your energies. I say subconscious because they are still not aware of their energy bodies enough to understand what is governing their personal programming.

You will also start to let go of unhealthy personal / romantic relationships. These may fall away or not give you the satisfaction which you got from them before as your vibration evolves.

2-Picking up and clearing of discordant energies

This is something most people who had previous incarnations to do with spiritual work or who have developing sensitivities would encounter. Just like there are many variations of people in the world there are varying energies as well everywhere in different spaces, places, whole countries etc. This is due to the history and story of the place depending what had happened there over the ages.

People with developing sensitivities may notice energies or thought forms which are undesirable from time to time as these are also pushing one to deal with the emotional issue which causes them to appear as a reflection of fear or some other discordant emotional state which may be subconscious or have roots in past lives.

Therefore, it is not something to be overly bothered about and there are many clearing techniques for various situations. I use SRT as it clears the emotional energy which causes it to be attracted to and therefore it doesn’t have any traction to hold on to. Some things take time to heal as well especially larger more pronounced issues which might have occurred from many past lives. Self punishment programs for example are the main source of attracting discordant energies. And these can take years to clear. It is a part of life and a life work of someone opening up to being a psychic intuitive or sensitive person to continue clearing themselves regularly if you would like to ensure your soul stays elevated for the new to come in. I have encountered many psychics who have really dense energy bodies as they do many readings but not well versed in energy purification techniques for themselves. This could start to affect your physical health as well if your harbouring discordant energies in your aura.

There could also be some resistance to the clearing as your body has already its own pre memorised patterns which try to get you back into the familiar state of before after a clearing so it takes time and patience and effort for you to catch yourself doing this and to slowly change as well your ego and bodies automatic responses to clearing. But as time goes by and the more you clear the more you have re-programmed your body into a new way of being that it might not have been used to for 1000s of years so be patient again with yourself and know that things will come to a convergence point at some stage where you will meet your new pathways in releasing oneself from old patterns.

Many what I call convergence points always occur in every stage of life and it is important to accept yourself at each stage knowing that life is a journey and you do not need to be fixed in a certain way for longer than is necessary for your evolution and expansion. In fact, being stuck causes you more pain than shifting. Even if big changes occur there is only temporary pain of the break or change rather than having the everyday knowledge you are stuck in some situation of way of being which you know is not great for you.

Also there are many evolution cycles in one’s life and these are there to spiral you towards where you want to be. So release things, people, situations who are blocking you from attaining your true hearts calling. Or if they can evolve with you then keep them on your journey and that’s another lesson in how to evolve with someone.

3 – sensitivities to food, chemicals, noise and sound.

As one grows spiritually your etheric body becomes more cleansed if you practice say Reiki or tai chi regularly then this purification naturally starts to filter into the physical as well. I used to eat all sorts of junk food when I was starting my channelling course early on but now I can’t anymore, naturally as my system if not able to process them. So gently coming into acceptance of these changes and making adjustments to help your physical body will be in order.

Staying away from noisy polluted areas and being in nature who helps us heal and the trees who absorb negative emotional energies and help ground our energy fields are the best places to be.

Rise of the light workers

At the moment the angels are configuring the new grids around the earth to enable everyone to evolve in the fastest and best ways for the highest good of the planet and your one universe and to channel and stay connected to the highest central suns which are pouring down energy for us to transform our light bodies at a more rapid rate than before.

Therefore, you will see a lot of breaking down of your own old patterning which do not serve your highest good. Assimilate these changes gently and know that you are on the right path even if you are transitioning a lot it is ok to be in the unknown. And this is place where new creations can come about for yourself and the planet at large. You can look towards astrology, my channelled updates and start to explore the universe within yourself and learn to bring that into harmony with your physical existence and your souls desires.

Thank you for being here. “As above, so below”

Written by Tina Tsang in connection with the Galactic council of light.

We are with you always. Love Eternal.