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Clarity, Inspiration & Abundance Aura Spray


Highly energised Aura spray will help to release blocks towards Abundance and inspiration. It clears procrastination or any lower energies and emotions in ones energy field such as: sluggishness, fear, not trusting in ones ideas, issues with receiving, self worth issues. It allows one to focus more clearly on your own inherent talents and positive traits. It also opens up your aura to receiving new experiences and positive synchronicities. It gives one energy to move forward towards ones goals with enthusiasm and ease.

Great for spraying in workspace to energise it. 

This spray has been attuned to frequencies of: Archangel Metatron ( caretaker of lightworkers, energy alchemist) , Archangel Uriel ( joy & universal heart) ,Archangel Gabriel ( creativity and writing) ,Archangel Sandolphan (music & sonic frequencies) , Archangel Raphael ( master healer) , Archangel Raziel, Lakshmi, Ganesh &  Thoth to help heal and remove energetic blocks towards Clarity, Inspiration and Abundance through all space time and realities, past and future lives which may be influencing your current reality. 

Made by energising Icelandic glacier water with natural crystals and energy grids. And sound attuned using Angelic tuning forks to structure the frequency of the water to match the energetic vibration of the above. 

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