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Monthly Healing Social (DETAILS) – Dragon Alchemy – 25th Oct 2019


2pm start

HI Everyone !

Our next healing social is on 25th October, just before the new moon ( great time for manifesting) will centre around connecting with the elemental dragons and to meet our personal dragon helper(s) to anchor us more firmly to the mother earth and to understand and carry out our purpose with wisdom, power, courage,efficiency and love.

Dragon energy is magical and alchemical and the dragons will help us to move forward to manifest our goals and navigate life. The dragons offer us protection, empowerment, an understanding of balance and feeling connected to the flow of energy and life that exists on this planet.

We will start the day of with a series of dragon chants in ancient dragon language to clear the chakras & dragon card readings.

After this I will present a short talk about how to work with dragon energy for personal alchemy and transformation. And to introduce the different types of dragon energies present on earth and other dimensions.

Short tea break

A meditation to meet and connect with your personal dragon. Also to understand their special / specific abilities and how they will help you.

After this we shall have a healing social / sharing chat about how you felt in the meditation and towards the subject of power within your life and society as a whole.

Finally to close we will have a session of manifesting wishes by creating a dragon Exlir with water and understanding how to alchemically word your dragon “spells” in order to ensure they are karmic neutral with clarity for the dragons to help you with the task at hand.

Closing down meditation.

As this is a healing social please feel free to bring any of your promotional materials about your work to share with others during break times.

Spaces limited to 15 please book early to avoid disappointment.

Session price is £35 please send BACS payment to:
cosmic-union LTD
sort code: 401158
account: 10087211
or paypal £35 to:

Bright blessings &
Looking forward to see you