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Universal Heart Aura spray for Opening to Love


Universal heart spray exudes the energy of love, connecting one to the heart chakra to help opening up to feeling receptive to love. It promotes the feeling of confidence in oneself & to open up to new experiences. Also to clear any energies of fear and doubts due to past experiences and come into love and acceptance of oneself. Great for re-kindling passion and feeling clear, positive, energised  before a date.

Good for spraying on bedsheets or bedroom or to energise any space with love and passion. 

This spray has been attuned to the frequencies of Archangel Chamuel for love and relationships, Mother Mary for feeling safe and allowing divine feminine flow and receptiveness, Archangel Haniel to enhance communication skills, Ganesh to remove obstacles & the Celestial Unicorns for unconditional love towards oneself. 

Made by energising Icelandic glacier water with natural crystals and energy grids. And sound attuned using Angelic tuning forks to structure the frequency of the water to match the energetic vibration of the above. 

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