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Creation Method for Soul Paintings

1. We can take the person who the soul painting is for through a vision meditation where we will identify images and aspects of their core energy, significant energy patterns and soul journey to inspire the painting. We will also identify and include in the painting some of their angels and guides if they come through very strongly in the meditation. We will then confer on the combination of the various images generated through the trance. After this I will propose a rough layout and colour scheme for the painting. Once this is agreed I will inform you of a delivery date or send images by email of the painting seen as work-in- progress.  

We can also do the meditation via skype or facetime if the participant is abroad.

2. The painting can also be done by remote viewing and clairvoyant channeling.  I will go into a meditative trance and with the help of the client’s angels and guides, I will see into their energy field and find the most appropriate images for their painting.  This method is mainly used if you wish to create a surprise gift for someone else. 

However you can also purchase a gift voucher for your loved one and they can contact me to do the meditation above if they wish.

Please note I only paint “light elements”. This includes angelic energies, guides or light and positive energies. Paintings are all made using water colour medium on deckeled edged water colour paper ( rough edge) and they come in various sizes and prices.

They come without frames but we can upon request frame them too at an additional cost. Bigger paintings or customized commissions are also welcomed.  We can also make soul paintings for couples (merging energies of both people’s angels, guides and soul origins). Please contact me by email for more information if you wish to have a customized sized soul painting.