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Crystal and grid jewellery combinations as inspired by my angels and guides. We use crystals in various configurations of energy medicine combined with Metratronic grids to help your etheric, emotional, mental and physical bodies. The energies of the grids supported and amplified by crystals gently align you to moving forward in a direction which your soul desires for its higher learning. Crystals have strong and stable structures that our bodies can entrain with energetically on even sub atomic levels to stabilise our frequencies and energies. They are very effective in promoting a sense of peace, stability and well being.

Energy grids with patterns laser engraved on wood : These are energy codes or patterns that have been given to me mainly by Archangel Metatron and Archangel Raziel who hold transformational codes and building blocks for energies created in our universe. They emit energetic frequencies to help us with current challenges we face as humans. This involves firstly to evolve ourselves and humanity at large and are in alignment with the new etheric blueprints created for the evolution of this sector “earth” of the cosmos.

The patterns act as portals or energy gateways for these frequencies to be transmitted to us to aid us in transformation to be more loving, wholistic and happy beings. I use them in my energy healing practices with clients to great effect and this healing modality has been approved by Balens insurance company for me to teach this healing system to public.