Cosmic Light Union was founded by Chipara Chu’Mana (spiritual name) who is a clairvoyant angel channel and healer. She works with facilitating & enhancing the connection between you and your angels and guides that have been with you since birth.

Our spiritual team is focused towards your personal life enhancement (emotional, mental, psychical & spiritual) to understand on a deeper level any issues which you may be facing and move towards greater love for oneself and the universe at large. This is also to allow you to realise the great wealth of support and information offered by these beings who work alongside us to help us to attain greater love, peace,harmony and happiness for the time we have on the earth plane.

We connect to your angels and guides by 1 to 1 readings, workshops and multi-dimensional energy healing. Chipara Chu’mana works with angels such as Archangel Michael, AA Metatron, Saint Germaine, Mother Mary, Cosmic Unicorns, Cosmic Dragons and other celestial light beings to obtain accurate and specific information and transformational energy to be able to help you move towards your goals.