Tina is a clairvoyant and psychic intuitive who was born in Singapore. She came to London in 2001 for her education at Central Saint Martins in Graphic Design and Animation.

She started her healing journey in London and combined the two disciplines of channeling and art into what you see today. She first started her personal healing journey in sharmanic trance in 2009, following which she has had experiences in Pleadian sound healing (light language) and spiritual response therapy among others.

She then formally trained at the College of Psychic Studies as an Angel channeller for 3 years and in Reiki energy healing (Usui Lineage) to Master teacher level, 2 years. She has also completed a 3 level crystal master healing course with Penny King crystals in 2016. 

At present she combines her channelling abilities with artwork creating sacred geometry energy grids and sigils, combing these with amp; sound healing (angelic, ascended master & elemental tuning forks) together with trance therapy to be what is her own unique style of therapy technique. This technique not only clears major blocks for clients but also enables them to get in touch with their own psychic and energetic self healing abilities. 

She is also a practitioner for the SRT (spiritual response therapy) training which is a system for using one’s higher self to clear blocks and negative programmes from ones souls records from past, parallel and future lives. This allows understand how repeated emotional patterns from the past might be influencing the present day and ultimately ones future outcomes. 

In addition she attunes wands with Merlin to various galactic guardians and elementals. They have a variety of energies that are able to shift larger and finer energy bodies in healing work for humans and the wider universe. This technique combined light language that is able to heal the human energetic field is fast becoming her newest modality of healing with has great effects. She also teachers students how to attune wands for themselves and the lost art of using wands in healing work.

Her wide range of complimentary abilities allows her to use a unique combination of techniques to address each client in their specific needs. She also teaches her method of healing to students and conducts workshops as well on various subjects in small groups. 

Her ever-evolving spiritual gifts serve as inspiration for her artwork and healing. The ethos of her art is to create more awareness of the other dimensional realms that are alongside ours and possible growth in one’s potential and to evolve towards a multi-dimensional / potential state of being.

The healing and channelling allow clients to be more aware of their multi-dimensional selves, energy fields and how all the aspects of mind, body and spirit are interlaced.

She works closely with Archangel Metatron, AA Michael, AA Raphael, AA Chamuel, AA Gabriel, Saint Germaine and Mother Mary, Elemental dragons ( rainbow, white, green), Merlin & fairies in her healing work.  

When one’s own personal angels and guides are identified during the reading or healing process, she will also work closely with them.  

Together with the Angels and Guides, the  mission is

• To unite each person with their pure potential for creating happiness, love, joy, and;

• To successfully navigate their earth experience in the energy of love and peace for oneself and all humanity.

Covered by Balens Healers Insurance
Member of the Reiki Federation