An integrated healing course which covers crystal healing, use of sacred geometry grids, tuning forks and Reiki or channeled energies from angels and ascended masters and your guides.

This healing course allows you to deepen and enhance your connection with your master healers and angels who will help to amplify your healing and intuitive abilities to remove any difficult issues or blocks in all emotional, physical, mental, etheric and astral bodies.

Students who have taken this course have developed personally in a rapid and efficient way. During the course the healing that takes place between students is powerful and effective into elevating the individual for their highest good to build and identify unique talents and elevating them to reach their full potentials as healers.

Each day, at all levels of the course you will be giving and receiving crystal, sound and sacred geometry therapies. This will help to remove any current issues and blocks to furthering your studies and personal development.

This course will also help to enhance and learn to combine your new skills with any other current healing modalities you already practice. The course also to give you more confidence of your connection to the universal healing and balancing matrix for information and a clearer understanding of the human energetic system.

No previous experience needed for this course. However most people who attend this course have already had some development previously in some healing or spiritual modalities.

This course is approved by Balens insurance. Any students who have completed level 1 are eligible to take up Balens healers insurance for continuing case studies and test healings on others as students. Balens will also insure you for professional practice one you have completed to advanced and teaching levels.

Course is 10am -5pm with a one-hour lunch break. Snacks and refreshments provided.


Level 1:

2 days, £275 (including basic chakra set)

10am – 5pm, 1 hour lunch break.

Includes printed manual of all you have learnt.


Day 1:

Opening meditation with crystal healing to connect with crystals.

How to create a crystal grid for the energies you require.

Introduction to one angel and ascended master for each student and items picked for personal grids.

How to cleanse, activate and attune crystal grids for self-healing and meditation.

How crystals work, types of crystals and crystal structures.

How to use crystals for grounding the energy field. Introduction to types of grounding crystals.

How to communicate with crystals.

How to use a pendulum for dowsing to check the energy of chakras.

How to use basic chakra set to clear the chakras with a crystal wand.

Tuning in to feeling crystal energy running through chakras using chakra set.

How to use crystals to create a sacred space for healing with crystals.

Introduction to one angel tuning fork each and basic sequence for using tuning forks with crystals.

How to use crystals to brush and comb your aura.

How to do a healing with quartz stars and 3 sacred geometry pieces for back and front healing.

How to use amethyst trails with quartz stars, sacred geometry and 3 other crystals.

Going through case studies and self-healing homework.

* please note to be able to go on to level 2 you will have needed to complete 7 case studies included in this 3 self healings.


Level 2 Intermediate:

3 days, £475 ( including intermediate chakra set with quartz points)

Opening meditation and connecting with crystals & your angels and guides.

How to use multiple tuning forks for healing. Introduction to angelic frequencies in tuning forks.

Creating crystal grids and using single crystals under the bed to enhance therapies.

How to use crystals in your space for home and therapy space.

Introduction to level 2 crystal set and each type of crystal.

Introduction to main energies of scared geometry grids and how to use them with crystals to heal different types of aliments and issues.

Healing with pendulums on each chakra one by one with new crystal set back and front with sacred geometry.

Feeling the aura and seeing colors in the aura. Learning to do a body scan. Introduction to inner child healing, cord cutting/ soul contracts and basic types of emotional blockages.

Basic invocations for inner healing and how to channel healing intentions.

How to incorporate Reiki with crystal healing.

Case studies and professional practice ethics.


Day 1&2 – healing with level 2 crystal set.

Day 3 – Full healing with all crystals on each chakra and 1 mini full sacred geometry grid with tuning forks.

* please note to be able to go on to level 3 you will have needed to complete 7 case studies included in this 3 self healings.


Level 3 Advanced:

3 days, £575 (please bring along 3 crystals which are of interest to you, or find some at the class)

Opening meditation with tuning fork cleanse and crystal healing.

Deepening in understanding of how grids work in combinations on various parts of the bodies.

Introduction to channeling for healing how to connect and communicate and channel during a healing session.

How to link with angels and guides to obtain info for healing client before the session and create 3-4 full mini grids for the healing.

Sharing and discussing various examples of grids and crystals and what they should be used for.

Methods for removing entities within the aura and introduction to types of energy attachments.

Client communication.

To do 1 full body crystal healing with tuning forks and crystal wands.

Discussion on various shapes of crystals and how they project energy and how to use them in healings for humans and spaces.

How to understand the color spectrum of divine light healing and using the various celestial healing rays which correspond with angels to heal various issues. An introduction to angels and ascended masters and their ray colors.

Basic channeling and connection methods and safety checks.

Intuitive usage of single crystals and grids for healing on the body.


Day 1& 2 perform mini healings to clear up any current blocks or issues.

Day 3 – Perform one full body healing including setting up sacred space and grids under the healing bed.

* please note to be able to go on to level 3 you will have needed to complete 12 case studies included in this 3 self healings.


Crystal Masters teachers certification:

3 days, £675 (please bring along crystals which are of interest to you, or find some at the class) 

Running through all items which you need to teach your students.

Discussion on how world energies effect us.

Crystal healings on each other to ensure any current issues are more cleared and dealt with. Or discussion on any current issues you are facing with your own energy systems or your healing work.

Discussion on how you have developed your psychic and channeling abilities for healing and the style in which you wish to develop in and teach your students with.

Research and develop your own unique course to teach the rest of the group the next day on one particular topic.

Addressing any issues you might have at this level to being able to pass the teaching certification.

Discussion on how to solve issues with students and communication styles.