You may contact me beforehand to confirm a session date. After this please secure your session by paying online.

Trance healing is new therapy which I developed in guidance with my angels and guides. It is the most connective and self – empowering therapy I use and very popular among clients who already are familiar with energy therapy. 

As the energy of mother earth is shifting more and more people are awakening to their own intuition and psychic ability therefore this method also helps one connect to your own abilities which will help you to open up to learning and understanding a method of self-healing which you may be able to do “lighter” versions your own in future.

The session could include any combination of the healing listed below depending on your needs:

Stress & anxiety relief, enabling client to sleep better and to feel safe in their bodies.

Calming and learning how to deal with overthinking (monkey mind)

Trouble shooting relationship issues

Identifying motivational issues and blocks towards evolution and abundance. 

Cutting etheric energy cords or healing karma knots from unhealthy relationships, places, people and any  other energy, which are affecting the client negatively.

Releasing blocks from emotional wounding in current and previous lives.

Removing the energy of any limiting beliefs and unhealthy behaviour patterns.

Removal of discordant emotional energies, entities or thoughtforms.

Removal of pain in the body that has manifested due to negative thought patterns.

Removal of outdated soul contracts from previous timelines that do not support expansion in the current lifetime.

Ancestral healing to aid your soul group or current family.

Past or present life trauma imprint healing.

Soul retrieval – to recover parts of your astral body that may be fragmented or stuck in other dimensions due to traumas or grief.

Light activation and connection.

Balancing of the feminine and masculine energies.

Healing, strengthening and closing of auric holes due to trauma. Blancing the auric field and energy systems. 

Relief from post traumatic stress disorder.

Relieving and understanding victim mentality and slowly breaking these cycles consciously and energetically.

A greater awareness and understanding of ones own emotional patterning which governs all your decision making a predispositions to attract particular situations into your life.

Removal of any dark energies of black intent that were intentionally cast upon you in this lifetime or any other previous lifetimes. 

Benefits of Energy Healing:

Reiki and angelic energies connect you to the flow of universal healing energy to heal all aspects physical as well as etheric to promote a sence of peace, wholeness and harmony.

To be in full acceptance and self loving to oneself.

Gaining greater self awareness and the ability to evolve your life into the direction of your soul’s desire. To trust life and gain more insight and courage to be on one’s true path .

An understanding that darkness and difficulties are here to enlighten us and help us grow. How to use difficulties as growth tools and gain from them. 

Opening up opportunities for your soul to transform previous wounding into beneficial experiences.

Feeling a sense of lightness and flow which enables new beginnings and manifestations to occur in your life after blocks have been removed.

You may wish to come for one, a few or regular sessions over a period of time if you are dealing with any sort of major changes or difficulties in your life.

Distant healing is also available on FaceTime.