Our healing videos offer specific downloads of frequencies to assist you in healing and upgrading your emotional, physical, mental, etheric and astral bodies.

Each video is accompanied by sacred geometry and sacred sigils where the energy connects to come through the medium of the video as a carrier. As these healing energies are multidimensional they are not bound by physical space time and you will be able to feel them healing and tuning your energy system while you connect with the video.

You may need to use each video for a period of time until you have transcended the issue you are facing. This is because we only work with your free will and to the percentage which your energy body is ready to receive such a healing. Also to ensure it carries out changes incrementally in order to be sure your able to assimilate the energies with ease and smoothness. Some may only want to connect with the video once or twice and gain only a certain percentage of the energies into their systems as is whatever you feel is right for you.

You may view the video multiple times from your account section. If you have any questions or queries about how to use these videos please get in touch. You may also use these videos in conjunction with other healing modalities. If you are using crystals please ensure to clear them sufficiently before using them during any healing. For guidelines about how to clear crystals please check out our free offerings page.