You may contact me beforehand to confirm a session date. After this please secure your session by paying online.

Angel and Guides readings connect you to the angels and guides whom have been with you since birth who are currently helping you with your earth experience. They will supply me with information to help you understand specific issues that are hindering your current happiness or soul growth. They also allow for a greater understanding of soul challenges, karmic relationships, limiting beliefs or behaviour patterns that do not serve your highest good and offer practical advice on the best solutions forward for your evolution. They bring forward loving messages of guidance to enable you to open up into a greater understanding of your life on earth and connection with the universe.

I work with mainly with 12 Archangels, namely: Metatron (light pillar / evolution), Sandolphan (music & clearing), Michael (protector) , Rapahel (master healer), Gabriel (messenger), Chamuel (relationships), Haniel (communication), Raguel (Harmony), Jophiel (beauty, divine feminine), Jerimiel (souls passing over & life review), Zadkiel (violet flame & family healing), Ariel (environment). Guidance also comes from ascended masters and goddesses, dragons, unicorns, and star families when applicable.

I also connect with deceased loved ones if it is appropriate for your healing and your personal guides and gatekeepers.

I may read into past lives with Archangel Metatron and Thoth who have excess to the akashic records if it is relevant for you to heal any issues which have been carried down from your past lives which are hindering your present life.

I look forward to connecting you to your universal soul. 

Love and Infinite Blessings from the universe and beyond.