Tina Tsang graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2005. The prints for this brand are inspired by spiritual energies and other parallel dimensions which she notices in her channeling and meditation work.

Each image holds the vibration or frequency of these other dimensions and energies which she is portraying.  They are mainly attuned to and inpired by the frequencies of the angelic realms. Apart from this, she is also influenced by other healing guides and guardians, Merlin, the elemental kingdom and fairies.

The ethos of the brand is to present on items of clothing illuminating and enlightening images.  This is to encourage the wearer to be emotionally and imaginatively engaged with the images and to feel an energetic resonance with them. Symbolism and magical symbols are used extensively throughout the collection to add meaning and significance to the items of clothing.

Tina Tsang creates the surrealist prints using mixed media techniques such as photography, painting, digital graphics and 3D collages. They translate into clothing that embodies the aesthetic of the divine feminine and goddess in easy to wear beach, day to evening dresses.