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Mandalas have been in use since the Neolithic era which started as drawings on caves depicting the sun and moon which were powerful symbols of life for early man. Since then the mandalas have evolved into more complex pictorials as a representation and to gain access into various levels of spiritual dimensions and knowledge.

They have been a human representation of spiritual understanding, energy and power and our connectivity to the universe as a whole. As mandalas are a physical representation of energy, they are powerful tools for manifesting our intentions. The pictorials on each mandala locks in the energy of our intentions into a solidified physcial form which is the first layer of its physical manifestation.

The image of the mandala ignotes the energy within your body when you see or interact with it. This leads to the intended energy or wish building up and having a stronger and stronger resonance within your etheric and emotional bodies. This leads to transformation in your life.

There are no fixed rules for creating mandalas and you can create them as to how you are divinely inspired.

They can be used for:

1) Manifesting energies you need in your life. For example : happiness, abundance, new life path, new love.

2) Representation of an angelic energy or symbols of widsom they may wish to impart to you.

3) For healing specific aliments or emotional conditions.

4) Creating good energy in a space or home.

5) Connecting to other parallel dimensions like a portal.

We will formulate unique and specific mandalas for each person in the class. The workshop starts with an opening meditation to allow you to connect with your higher self, angels and guides and to source creation energy.

We will then discuss the images you saw during your meditation as a group and what they meant for you. I will then with my angels and guides help seek understanding of these images which you saw and also come to a deeper understanding of your individual needs and discuss them either in the group or 1-1 as the day progresses.

We will then proceed to draw or trace these images onto water colour paper or any other medium you wish to create your mandala with. We can research images online as well to inspire the exact aesthetic you wish to achieve.

The mandalas will be blessed and energised by each individual at the end of the day to ensure it works properly before the closing meditation. We will also do a small ceremony / meditation to align you with the energies of each individual mandala with the help of the other participants.

There is the option of creating a paper mandala on hardbacked watercolour paper, any other type of paper you wish to bring or a fabric (embroidered) mandala. However you should collect and bring any other special materials you wish to use if they are not provided in the list below.

Materials provided: Water colour pencils A4 size water colour paper for mandala Brushes and some water colour paints Sketching paper fabric or cross stitch material ( for making embroidered mandalas) Books with embroidery stitches for reference. Needles and coloured threads. Mini crystals and mandala frames can be purchased separately on the day.

Please bring: I pad or smartphone for accessing images online to help with your drawing process. Any other materials you may wish to use for your mandalas including found objects, dried flowers or anything else you might be able to attach with ease.   A sketching or drawing pencil 2B or darker. Any other drawing materials you have including colour pencils, threads or inks or paint which you would like to use.

* We highly recommend you bring your own drawing materials if possible so you may not need to wait to borrow items from the main set if everyone needs certain popular items.

The course is from 9 am -5 pm. Lunch break is from 1-2 pm and you are welcome to eat or stay in our premises or go out. Light snacks and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

There will be a maximum number of 6 students per mandala workshop.