Balance with Archangel Raguel Bracelet


Known as the peacemaker and harmoniser of the universe angel raguel will help you to balance your energies with green jasper for emotional healing, fluorite for cleansing and purifying and labradorite for protecting your energy field. Good for those with terminal illness both physically and emotionally to aid healing from within the soul.


Green Jasper is an exceptional stone for healing dis-ease within the emotional system, especially in areas of obsession by balancing out parts of one’s life that have become all-important to the detriment of others.


Fluorite carries a calm, stable frequency that brings order to chaos, and scattered and discordant energies into cohesion and harmony. Fluorite forms in many colour varieties, and while each manifests its abilities in different ways, all serve the mental body, brain and energetic levels of being.


Labradorite tempers the negative side of our personality, the traits and actions that rob our energy and may produce depression or shame. It assists in reducing anti-social, reckless or impulsive behaviour in children, teenagers and adults who are easily led into trouble by others.

Please email your wrist size to ensure we can adjust it to fit perfectly.

Packaged in cosmic-union box with bow. ( bow colours may vary, please specify if bracelet is for a male)

Handmade in London. Lazer cut wood with Gold filled 18k or pure 925 silver parts.

Water resistant.

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