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Basic wand attunement covers:

How to choose your wand and how the energy of specific woods work better for specific purposes. (this will be emailed and discussed with you before the session so you can bring the correct wand for your attunement. I can also check and dowse which wands are suitable and give you a selection of 3-5 types and where to buy them.)

The do’s and dont’s of energy magic and how to set intentions to ensure you stay karmic neutral.

Readings from your angels and guides to understand your soul background and why you have chosen to use wands.

A meditation or trance journey to call in the angel or guide whose energy we will connect and draw down into the wand and connect to your own energy system for your specific purposes. We will also obtain messages about how you are to use the particular wand you brought in and your life path to do with the energy arts.

Q&A discussion for any other questions you might have after the attunement.

Love & Blessings