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USING WANDS FOR HEALING (3 hour workshop)


This is a 3 hour workshop for people who have already been connected to Reiki 1. ( as a minimum)

Here we will go through a basic wand attunment : From choosing wands, understanding of how to make intentions and work with energy in a karmic neutral way and a trance meditation to build the connection with your wand guardian. We will also teach you how to use the wand for self healing, healing others or any other purposes including healing plants & animals or attuning crystals etc. We will also cover how to protect a space using the wands.

Each persons path with a wand will be unique and we will aim to discover the special purposes of your souls journey that have brought you to work with wands in the first place.

We will practice different methods of self healing with wands and also understand how to regulate the energy coming from wand for various people to ensure a calm and balancing experience.

We can also attune wands to angels or unicorns if you prefer to work with their energy.

Please understand that wands are just tools that focus energy in an intensified manner, the outcomes also depend on the wisdom & experience of the practitioner involved.

Love & Blessings