Reiki is a modality of hands on healing which was cultivated by Master Usui from Japan who used it in tandem with his Martial arts practice. He refined a clever way of being able to conduct and pass on the understanding and knowledge for the usage of the energy in a simple format called  “attunements”.

Healing energy is inherent in all of us and part of our birthright to receive. Generally speaking, it is a pure stream that connects us to the source/ god/ creator energy. Therefore this energy heals on many levels – physical, emotional, etheric, mental and throughout all timelines as well.

To obtain a connection to the Reiki energy you go through a series of attunements on the course date after which you will be able to feel the energy more strongly as we have taught your body to recognise and access the energy by drawing down larger amounts of the energy into all your energy points or chakras.

Reiki generally allows you a faster access to:
Experiencing peace of mind and inner calm
Relieving stress and anxiety Bring a sense of balance and wholeness
Help family and friends
Explore your spiritual side
Let go of emotional baggage

You will be able to start studying Reiki once you receive the book which is to your appropriate level. You will need to have read through, understood and practiced the audio meditations before the class. During the class we will go through any questions you might have, give 3 rounds of attunements during the day and ensure you have a clear understanding of reiki principals and precepts. We will also do test healings between participants in the class to ensure that you are conducting and connected to the energy properly. Reiki is a lifestyle choice. By accepting this flowstream of energy into your life you welcome peace, joy, authenticity, universal love and connection into your life. The attunements are just a start of a journey. You will need to ensure you are practicing on a regular basis for it to take a greater effect in your life and others around you.

There is a minimum of 2 participants per class and a maximum of 4. This is structured to avoid overcrowding and i have enough time to ensure everyone’s questions are answered.

Reiki 1 – Attunes you to basic Reiki energy which is a powerful stream that is a combination all the various reiki source energies.This is a one day course 10-5pm.

Connecting with Reiki and starting to practice effective energy channeling for self -healing.Home study with audio meditations and instructions 1-2 months (approx.)

Session day with 3 energy empowerments and discussion and energy exercises in between each empowerment.

– Student will feel the quality of the energy channeling intensify after each empowerment and it improves their connection to Reiki.

– Introduction to Chakra system and intuitive healing

– Demonstration of self healing and healing of fellow student on Reiki bed.

After this you may practice self-healing and healing on family or friends.

You can also register with Balens insurance as a Reiki student Level 1.

Reiki 2 – Attunes you to Earth and heavenly Ki energy. Also learning to give distant healing. This is a one day course 10-5pm.

Distant healing, connecting with 3 main Reiki Symbols. Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and universal connection symbol for distant healing.

Home study with audio meditations and instructions 2-6 months (approx.)

Session day with 3 empowerments.

– Practice to identify and feel the differences in the type and quality of energy being channeled though ones body. Earth Ki and Heavenly Ki.

– Discussion about universal connectivity symbol and the concept of oneness

– Practicing additional Reiki methods and healing techniques

– Introduction to Kotodama ( Japanese chant with healing to intensify and direct energies)

– Distant Reiki practice between students and further developing of intuitive healing on oneself and others.

– Practicing channeling specific energies on fellow students on Reiki bed.

After this the student will be able to register for healers insurance (Balens recommended) and start treatments on other people as a Reiki practitioner if they wish.

Reiki Master level – Attunes you to a much wider range of symbols and methods that teaches you to attune other students to the Reiki energy. This is a two day course and a wide range of attuning methods and new energy symbols will be attuned to you as well to enable you to give attunements.

This is a two day course. (This is due to the range of exercises that need to be taught and completed)

Home study with audio meditations and instructions 6-12 months (approx.)

Session day with empowerments for the 2 Reiki master symbols and any other additional symbols.

Learning to use and chant Reiki Master symbols and all the other Reiki symbols.

Learn how to set up sacred space before empowerment takes place

Learn how to give empowerments to students using 2 different methods

Understanding of each symbol and it’s purpose, usage and origins.

Q&A discussion, personal learning assessment and how intuitive healing techniques have developed.

Developing personal healing styles

In order to pass the student must be able to demonstrate a full energy empowerment sequence.

After this stage the student is able to empower others and hold their own courses. They will be able to join the Reiki Federation as a master teacher to be on the register of teachers for students who are looking for a teacher.

*Audio exercises and books sent out upon payment. 

Reiki top-up lesson –  This is a 1-1 tailor-made, 1-hour top-up tutorial which will enable you to deepen your practice in any specific area you wish to work on, be re-attuned or take more energy empowerments and fine-tune your energy channelling skills after you have completed any of the Reiki courses.