Energy artworks

These are created as private commissions. There are a few types of energy artworks that I create outlined here:


  • Artworks that transform the energy of a space or for ceremonial purposes. I create these by tuning into the frequencies of the current space and also getting feedback from you as to what you wish to use the space for or what you wish to manifest in the space energetically. I then pull all these various parts together into creating a painting that would suit your purpose. A rough colour scheme can be followed however its best to leave it open as colours reflect vibrations as well and I create them purely by connecting to what the frequencies need to be for the purpose.


  • Soul paintings are created for various individuals by either taking them into a trance and painting parts of what they see or tuning in remotely to us frequencies to reconnect them with their soul signatures or their original star families or elementals which may be connect to them. It is in essence a painting of ones’ angels and guides and alongside some frequencies that will help you in your path as well as connecting you to the great love of the universe or the parts of it that you originated from.


  • Any other energy artworks for various purposes (please note I only serve the light). I am open to discussion of what you require and how we can create it aesthetically as well as energetically.


All prices for artworks are without framing. Framing and shipping (if a gift) can be done however at customised extra cost depending on quality and size of the artwork.

Most larger artworks are shipped either with professional art shipping companies in safe crates with insurance. Smaller artworks can be securely packed and shipped with UPS.