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This is a healing modality developed for correcting and transforming soul programmes past, present and future using one’s higher self. The higher self knows, stores and records all the memories of incidents which have occurred from the time of your soul’s creation till the present moment. As the body dies, the soul moves on into different incarnations on this earth or other parallel dimensions depending on one’s choice. 

SRT identifies any negative programming which stems from your past life experiences. The learnt behaviours or negative emotions from past life memories may still be operating and affecting you in the present day. This technique is highly effective for assisting in healing one’s emotional relationships, repeated behavioural patterns and elevating you to a deeper understanding of your souls path and journey. 

Method: The client sits on a chair opposite to the healer. An opening meditation will be conducted for the client to access and connect with his or her own higher self. The method involves a system of charts and usage of a pendulum for dowsing and researching the origin of each discordant programme and identifying the energies that need to be cleared. This could also include processing the inner child issues at various ages where emotional blocks or traumas occurred due to people and situations around you at the time. After the discordant programmes are removed, we also dowse and test for colours needed to be applied, lifestyle and aspects of diet including vitamins and minerals that might be imbalanced or lacking from one’s system. There is also left and right brain hemispheric balancing and removal of any illness programmes that might have been set up before birth to limit or challenge the soul to great extremes. 

SRT is especially effective for changing reoccurring discordant patterns with relationships or conflict energy within families or any close soulmates and friends. Once the root cause is cleared from you, you could notice changes in others around you as well. 

There is also a process of checking one’s % of positivity or negativity relating to certain people, subjects or perspectives.  For example, attitude towards family, sex, success, learning, self esteem etc.

SRT also clears deeper spiritual issues from early points of your souls creation that are now outdated. It also can clear lines of love enabling one to be more in alignment with the universal divine aspect of love which is within all our souls.