Working with Tina has enabled meaningful, impactful and lasting changes in my life: both personally and professionally.

The effects & benefits of cleaning and clearing my system from the inside out has far out weighed any cognitive or behavioural therapies in the past.

I find particularly powerful Tina’s ability to channel information, as well as her ability to work with wands. With wands, Tina was able to dislodge information (or blocks) that, thus far, no other practitioner had been able to release.

Work with Tina has taken my personal transformation to an entirely different level!

I highly recommend the kind and intuitive style of work by Tina!

Thank you!

Name not disclosed due to privacy, 10th May 2018


I’m very thankful for the sessions I had with Tina, she helped me and my family to realize, understand and begin to work on issues positively and cast away negative spirits and energy that was attached to me. But more importantly I am so grateful for the knowledge regarding soul and spirituality that Tina is so generous to share with me. I used to be completely ignorant about spirituality growing up, and finally as I mature I began to realize how narrow my vision was. Since then I always wanted to explore more, but didn’t know where to start or what to start with. Tina is very knowledge, kind and warm-hearted and has helped me so much on my journey. I really look forward to learn more on my spirituality journey, and I trust Tina to be my guidance.

Hazel Wang, 8th May 2018

Fashion Marketing

I have had a couple of sessions with Tina: one personal healing session involving crystals, grids, reiki, tuning forks, and angelic work (she uses so many amazing tools!) and one house clearing involving similar elements. In both sessions, Tina was professional and full of warmth and insight. The personal healing session helped me resolve a chronic health issue I had been dealing for about 3 years. During the session, I could feel electricity and warmth coming from Tina’s hands as she balanced my body. After her house clearing work, amazingly my house felt warmer and lighter. Clear and tangible results. Beyond her healing abilities, Tina has tremendous wisdom and she shares her intuitive knowledge as she does her work. She encouraged me to start healing myself through Reiki and offered to teach me. I had 3 enlightening Reiki classes and attunement sessions with her. She was very well prepared for our classes, clear and insightful in her teachings, and full of practical advice based on her deep and broad experience. She ensured we did many practice exercises during our classes and offered extra readings and links to complement our learning. Tina is full of wisdom and love and I cannot recommend her enough.

Alejandra Lozada, 28th April 2017


Was a great privilege to had 3 Crystal healing sessions with Tina. The Crystals combined with her methods of stream of energy healing gave me a complete relaxation, balance and healing of my back/neck pain and tiredness. In the end of the treatment I felt how effective it can be and also how I am more energised, more unblocked and de-stressed. Her great guidance, gentle hands and psichic gifts helped me to rediscover my inner balance and well-being.

Valerie Cavalcanti - 1st April 2017

Life coach

Tina is a wonderful, kind hearted young lady. She is warm and you instantly feel at ease in her presence. To be honest i didn’t know what to expect from these sessions other than i assumed relaxation through the crystals. But in fact what i experienced was an amazing connection to the crystals with Tina’s help and guidance.

Tina’s approach was comforting and she made me feel that i could open up to her to talk about what was troubling me. I was honoured by the presence of Angels, Spirit wolves, Mother Mary and others including my late mother and father (in spirit) who i have not been able to reach for many years.

Throughout these sessions Tina was communicative, comforting and tried to explain everything that i could not comprehend in a reassuring manner. I felt relaxed and completely in control without fear or apprehension. It was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had ! I would recommend Tina without question to all my friends and family.

Marlene Goldsmith, 5th April 2017


Tina has done three crystal healing sessions on me. All the three sessions have been conducted with rigour and in a professional manner, I always felt guided in what was happening and what to expect. Tina is gentle and gracious too, which helps in making the sessions extremely pleasant and comforting.

The crystals, in conjunction with the grids created by Tina, were carefully laid on my body, using three different configurations for the three different sessions. I felt the intensity of the crystals/grids combination working on me straight away.

On the three occasions I fell into a state of deep relaxation where I could still hear Tina talking and doing her work. She would use her hands too to attune the energy in different parts of my body. Tina also incorporated readings during the session, something I found extremely useful and that added further depth and insight into the healing. I benefited from recording these sessions as, when I didn’t, I would forget some important things she would tell me. After the sessions I always felt extremely alert and peaceful.

I have experienced great benefit from these sessions, I think they are helping me more than any other forms of healing I had tried before. At times I struggle in finding the joy I once experienced in fulfilling my mission here, it’s hard for me to be here and sometimes I just wish I could go back home. These sessions have definitely helped in balancing my energies and recovering that state of joy. I’m extremely grateful to Tina for the healing work she’s done on me and her continuous help and assistance.

Toni Castells, 19th May 2017


Tina is a beautiful gentle soul who you feel instantly comfortable with. Her psychic ability and healing talents are completely authentic and come from such a genuine place of wanting everyone to reach their fullest potential. I have been seeing her for about a year now and she has helped me so much! I have a self awareness and joy for life that I never knew was even possible. I’m not sure where I would be today if I had never met her but I also know that I was meant to ?. I recommend her to friends and everyone has had such a wonderful experience! Through the healing work I’ve done with Tina it has improved every aspect of my life. Whatever the situation and however stressed or sad I feel I will always leave lighter and with a smile on my face. I am endlessly grateful to this amazingly lady. Thank you! ?

Emma Prentice, 13th July 2017

Fashion Designer

Tina is a gentle, wise and compassionate soul. I have seen her progress in her craft and come into her power as a healer and holder of ancient wisdom. I am greatful to her, as she is one of the main people who supported me when  i initially somewhat sheepishly and now with more courage,  pursuing my own path of healing and learning.

Anya Olirya, 2th May 2018

Tina is a fairy who opens a gateway for people to see things from a brand new and much more interesting aspect. I’ve heard of the term ‘energy’ before but I understood what it really is in certain after I had a few sessions with Tina. She made me realized the key to make your life better is to simply make yourself a better person. It’s not only about being a kind person, but more than that, a calm, optimistic, confident, loving, thankful person with courage towards whatever good dedication he/she aims for. I cannot thank her enough for her love and help towards me and all the friends I introduced to her. I would say introducing Tina and have a session with her would definitely be the best gift for anyone I could think of.

Naomi Zhao, 3th May 2018

Fashion designer