Healing Wand attunements Wand attunements are best if you have had a Reiki level 1 attunement as this would have familarised you with cosmic energy and its usages and how to project the energy. However it is not always necessary.

In this session we start with an opening meditation for you to connect and clear all blocks in your energy systems and to gain clarity as to your life path and how you intend to use the wand for your highest good.

We will also connect with Merlin and have a mini reading of anything he wishes to say/ impart to you before you initiate your wand(s). We then clear and dedicate the wand in the service of love and light. After this we call upon Merlin who will help you to enlist a guardian/ elemental spirit for your wand.

These guardians are mainly Unicorns, Pheonix or Dragon depending on your needs. However other more specialised wand guardians might appear as well. Only one guardian is needed per wand. However you can have different guardians for different wands. We then proceed to join and align your energies to your wand with a special ritual.

We then do some tests to ensure you are able to project energy through and out from your wand smoothly so you can feel it and understand the unique nature of the energy that you have developed during the session and how to use it.

Some common usages of wands:

1) For clearing your own aura or drawing light-grids around a space (home or other) to protect or energise it.

2) For use in healing sessions to transform and neutralise energies in others.

3) For connecting and creating sacred circles for meditation and any rituals.

4) For connecting crystals and portals. 

We will also do a blessing at the end for yourself and your wand to ensure it is only used for positive purposes and to ensure you remain karmic neutral while using it. The wands we initiate are dedicated to the service of love and light so if you try to use it for other purposes it will simply not work !

However we can have a chat on how to use the wand and the ways it is able to correct energies and situations in the appropriate manner by using the correct words and intentions. We can only initiate 2 wands per session, per person.

Please buy a wand from us or handcrafted-wands.co.uk or (Thornfield handcrafted wands) as Sofia makes lovely wands.