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Monthly workshops on various themes will take place at:

A place to heal by Arrigo. 18B Holland Park Ave, Notting Hill, London W11 4UA.

We have a monthly healing social based on various topics depending what the group needs at in the current moment which also relates to astrological events. The aim of this group is to make new friends, promote yourself to others in the group, and create a community of healing and support for everyone who is undergoing changes or moving forward towards a new goal or specific life path. People of all abilities are able to attend. We normally start by doing a deep chakra cleansing followed by a healing meditation and a group chat at the end of the meditation where you can share your issues or difficulties and gain help and perspectives from other members. There are snacks and mini breaks throughout the day. Also plenty of opportunities for you to get to know the others. 

Apart from this we offer workshops for those who would like to learn channelling and deepen their connection with their angels and guides. This workshop will help you to identify your range of psychic ability and the angels + guides that are specifically working with you to expand your intuitive and psychic abilities. The workshop starts with tuning fork clearing and connection meditation. We then have an hour of teaching and discussion regarding various elements of channelling and understanding of parallel dimensions. Workshop venue depends on number of students and may vary. You will need to write an email to personally apply to join this workshop if you are not already a client or energy healing student so I can assess your suitability for the course. This is a 10 week course which typically takes 40-50 weeks to complete over 2/3 years to cover all areas of expertise.

***For more info please get in touch via email or WhatsApp. Bright Blessings & thanks for being here.

You can also find updated and info on workshops.  Chipara Chumana (facebook group) or on Instagram as cosmiclightunion / cosmiclightshop.

Please note we may take photographs of workshop participants during workshops if you do not want your photo to be on our social media and website please inform me before the workshop commences. Otherwise it will be assumed you do not mind your photo to be on our social media.